The rendez vous “Maison d’exception”

For the second year in a row, Céline Alexandre was introduced by Atelier Dynale in Maison d’Exceptions, the prestigious corner of Première Vision fair that presents the Métiers d’art of the field of Fashion and Decoration.

Among the 27 artisans selected to celebrate high creation for this new edition, Alexandre Leu and Céline Sorigué gave us an insight of their work as textile finishers for the renowned Haute Couture houses. They also shared some of their developments for Haute Decoration that they undertake within their brand Céline Alexandre.

An iconic fair for Fashion and Decoration crafts

Located in an ideal setting of Première Vision, Maison d’Exceptions is a space dedicated each February to welcome the most talented artists and craftsmen of the Haute Couture and Haute Decoration world. The exhibition is access restricted, only opened to a handful of guests willing to discover a rich and exceptional cultural heritage of craftsmanship, both French and international  : textile finishers, feather workers, embroiderers, creators of extraordinary and unique cloths…

Whether visitors come from the whole world to find out the latest or next trends in terms of leather fabrics, technical savoir-faire and design, Maison d’Exceptions provides all the elements to the exhibitors to meet a wide range of protagonists and start new collaborations.

As the most forward and sophisticated R&D laboratories and artistic workshops, these artisans sway Fashion with their exclusive savoirs-faire and satisfy its thirst of renewal in its tremendous journey.

Textile ennobling or the art of processing

Among the diverse talents presented at Maison d’Exceptions, Céline Sorigué et Alexandre Leu brought to light the textile finishing of their company Atelier Dynale. Arising from a generation of colors and fabrics lovers, the atelier enjoys not only an established recognition but also a strong and undeniable experience in the field of Haute Couture.

Whether giving its nobility back to the fabric, sublimating it or establishing end-to-end expertise, the workshop relies on its constant study of material and its pursuit of excellence.

According to Alexandre “No request is impossible”. For this child of Fashion, Color search and the greatness of savoirs-faire made him fall in love with his work and it still nourishes him everyday. About Céline, the creative figure of the workshop : Initially a fashion designer, she smartly harnesses her knowledge of tailoring to bring an innovative expansion to the venture.

The breakthroughs in Haute Decoration world as Céline Alexandre

The ambition of Alexandre and Céline is to communicate on both their developments for Haute Couture and their projects of Haute Decoration.

The initiative of Céline Alexandre is to transpose the savoirs-faire of textile finishing to create Haute Couture interiors. This approach meets a need : many projects of decoration (hotels, private houses, window displays, yachts…) are eager to bring these unique processes in their exceptional interiors.

Opportunities can be taken up in Paris, capital of Fashion, and worldwide. It leads to amazing and various collaborations.