Céline Sorigué is a born creator. She has always distinguished herself by her eccentric and homemade dress style. After studying at ESMOD and St Roch school, she launched Joli tambour, her clothing brand for children, before solely involving in the Haute Couture adventure.
As of 2005, Céline starts developing High Decoration projects as well as her own artistic world and she already signs some of her creations under the alias Céline Alexandre.


Alexandre Leu is a child of Fashion. Born out of the cloth womb, he grew up surrounded by women with illustrious careers : his great-aunt Madam Ida Creation Director of Yves Saint Laurent, his grandmother Germaine Fayolle Head Seamstress at Christian Dior and, lastly, his mother founder of her own workshop. In turn, Alexandre would join the Haute Couture «Tailor» studio at Yves Saint Laurent.

Heritage & Innovation

Céline Alexandre is the brand of Haute Decoration, created by Céline Sorigué and Alexandre Leu, directors of Atelier Dynale.
Both a research office and a creation studio, Céline Alexandre adresses designers, architects, furniture publishers and styling agencies. Material is at the heart of all developments. Genuine intertwining between Art and Interior Design, Céline Alexandre’s creations embellish diverse projects : resorts, residences, luxury showcases, yachts, private planes…
Fusion is the first collection publicly presented ; it was at the Paris Deco Off fair in 2012.
The establishment of Céline Alexandre’s results from more than twenty years of textile embellishement within Atelier Dynale. Founded in 1974 by the mother of Alexandre, Evelyne Leu, the workshop makes only silk paintings at the outset. Since their takeover in 1990, Alexandre and Céline expand the company’s competences to new know-how and innovative processes applied to Haute Couture (Chanel, Dior, Givenchy…).
In 1994, they signed their first collaboration with Gianfranco Ferré for Christian Dior’s Sping-Summer Haute Couture collection. This meeting was the starting point of a long story.